Monday, September 27, 2010

You're in UCONN Country!

So my mastery of the kitchen was not purely for my own gastronomical delight (this time).  I made the chocolate chip pumpkin bread and some tasty Avoca fruit salad all for an adventure in tailgating. 

So the backstory...Christmas 2009: Beth, Jim, and I decided to give Mom and Dad something they wouldn't be able to use for months and months.  Below is what they opened when we had family Christmas...the promise of a day of family togetherness cheering on Mom and Dad's Alma Mater on the football field.  A brilliant idea if I do say so myself. 
Once the schedule was released Mom and Dad chose the game.  UCONN v. University of Buffalo.  It's a bit of fun considering both Dad's sisters live in Buffalo.  

So the morning of the game the family packed up and got to the parking lot just before it "opened" at about 7:50am.  We were not the first ones there, but we did get a pretty good spot!  
by 9 the field behind the trucks was full of cars
Rentschler Field, or The Rent as it's referred to here in the Cee Tee, was built on an airfield that used to be a part of the Pratt & Whitney campus.  So on weekends in the fall the airfields become "UCONN Country" where loads of fans come together and enjoy the traditional pre-football meal.  We like the rest of the football fans enjoyed our space in the sun to the fullest.  Many started with breakfast (as did we) and continued until lunchtime.  The game started at noon so the nation packed up the tailgate city and headed into the stadium. 

Granted I'm more of a rugby kinda girl than football, but I must say this was a good game.  Tied at the half (due to a bogus call by the refs, not that it ended up making a difference) UCONN won the day 45 to 21.  
UCONN takes the field
the marching band made a shamrock at halftime!!!
Buffalo in a last ditch effort
The weather was not your typical Saturday in late September, getting to the high 80s at the peak of the sun, which means we melted a bit.  All in all it was a lovely day and Mom proclaimed that going forward this will be a yearly event.  GO UCONN!
Happy Family Football Day!

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  1. haha AMAZING! that looked like such a fun day!!! <3