Monday, September 27, 2010

You're in UCONN Country!

So my mastery of the kitchen was not purely for my own gastronomical delight (this time).  I made the chocolate chip pumpkin bread and some tasty Avoca fruit salad all for an adventure in tailgating. 

So the backstory...Christmas 2009: Beth, Jim, and I decided to give Mom and Dad something they wouldn't be able to use for months and months.  Below is what they opened when we had family Christmas...the promise of a day of family togetherness cheering on Mom and Dad's Alma Mater on the football field.  A brilliant idea if I do say so myself. 
Once the schedule was released Mom and Dad chose the game.  UCONN v. University of Buffalo.  It's a bit of fun considering both Dad's sisters live in Buffalo.  

So the morning of the game the family packed up and got to the parking lot just before it "opened" at about 7:50am.  We were not the first ones there, but we did get a pretty good spot!  
by 9 the field behind the trucks was full of cars
Rentschler Field, or The Rent as it's referred to here in the Cee Tee, was built on an airfield that used to be a part of the Pratt & Whitney campus.  So on weekends in the fall the airfields become "UCONN Country" where loads of fans come together and enjoy the traditional pre-football meal.  We like the rest of the football fans enjoyed our space in the sun to the fullest.  Many started with breakfast (as did we) and continued until lunchtime.  The game started at noon so the nation packed up the tailgate city and headed into the stadium. 

Granted I'm more of a rugby kinda girl than football, but I must say this was a good game.  Tied at the half (due to a bogus call by the refs, not that it ended up making a difference) UCONN won the day 45 to 21.  
UCONN takes the field
the marching band made a shamrock at halftime!!!
Buffalo in a last ditch effort
The weather was not your typical Saturday in late September, getting to the high 80s at the peak of the sun, which means we melted a bit.  All in all it was a lovely day and Mom proclaimed that going forward this will be a yearly event.  GO UCONN!
Happy Family Football Day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Woo my second blog award...I feel so loved!

Thank you to Bebe at life's little epiphanies and Julia at Keeping Up with Goliath: The Bosky Blog for giving me this award!
According to the rules, I must:
1.  Thank the person who gave me the award.
2.  Share seven things about myself.
3.  Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4.  Let my nominees know about their award. (ok so I'll try, but no promies.  ya'll should be regular readers anyway :op) 

7 things…  I love the plays of Shakespare, shoes, purses, bows, polka dots, ruffles and sparkly things.  

and now for the nominations...

Jessica - of Jessica's Jaunt
Jillian -of Jewelery by Jillian
Steph - of A Girls Guide to a Guys Game
The Guiltless Glass - yummy cocktails
Nikki -of Nikki Goes Bananas
Adie - of All of the Above
Meag - of Meagan Likes It!
Diana - of Diana's Daily Dish
Rachel - of Fit Fun and Fabulous
Meg - of Swim, Bike, Run & Then Some
Kelly - of Kohlrabi and Quince
Mary - of Miss Mary Mc

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warrior - Domestic Goddess...

Yes, that would be me.  You've already seen evidence of my Warrior awesomeness, so prepare yourself to be WOWed by my domestic prowess.  (I kid I kid, but seriously...I do alright.)

The background:  The fams and I are going to a football game at mom and dad's Alma mater this weekend, and we plan on tailgating before the game.  Now the game starts at noon, which means we will be tailgating at 8am.  This of course was mom and dad's call.  Which of course is totally cool, brekkie cocktails and eggs on the gill, yes please.  I of course volunteer my stellar cooking skills to make bread and fruit salad.  

I decided to try a recipe that had been passed to me earlier this month.  Since it's now fall and pumpkin season... Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread.  *drumroll please*
doesn't it look yummo?!?!
I tried a piece and it was quite good.  Hopefully the family enjoys it!  Full tailgating/football escapades to follow!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting is an Option; Finishing is Mandatory

That's what one of the runners shouted to us as we were all battling our way through the Warrior Dash. I love it.  It is SO true. 

So if any of you have talked to me in the past few weeks you know I've been slightly stressed and in BIG TIME denial about the Warrior Dash.  Will I do it, can I do it, what on earth was I thinking, who do I think I am...guilt, insecurity, exhaustion, the works.  

Well...I did it!  Jessica and I met at nine this morning for our three hour drive to Windham, NY.  We drove and drove and drove and drove and then met up with Diana in Catskill.  We all piled in one car and The Warrior Dashkateers were on our way!  

We arrived around noon and our wave wasn't until 2:30 so we had plenty of time to collect our packets, wander around and check out the scene.  And quite a scene it was!!!  
starting line!
the Dashkateers pre race
the finish line (right before the mud pit)
The race started at the bottom of the ski mountain and then wound it's way up the slope for over 1.5 miles.  Brutal.  Let me say that again slower.  Brrrruuuuuttttaaaaallllllllllllllll.  There are 13 obstacles in this race...but really the 14th and hardest obstacle was the MOUNTAIN. 

1.  Knee High Hell = stepping through tires
2.  Warrior Wall = two 4 foot wooden walls to climb over
3.  Tunnels of Terror = crawling through pipes
4.  Steep Slope Ahead! (and quite slippery too, my knees didn't like the downhills)
5.  Black Forest = scrambling through a forest...literally
6.  Slithering Swamp = deep muddy pool (for sure at one point I could not touch bottom)
7.  Walk the Plank = wooden planks over a gully
8.  Rip Van Winkle Way = up an over a wooden bridge
9.  Rio Run = MUD MUD MUD and more scrambling through forests
10.  Cargo Climb = climbing up cargo nets then down more cargo nets
11.  Catskill Skid = SLIP N SLIDE!! 
12.  Warrior Roast = jumping over fire...twice
13.  Muddy Mahem = crawling through a mud pit under barbed wire

and we did them all.  I nearly lost a contact on the slip n slide, but by luck it managed to drop right on my (not so clean) shirt and I popped that sucker back in and hit the trail again...had to jump some fire!!  All in all a super hard, super fun, super badass 3.23 miles!  We are already talking next year (perhaps somewhere FLAT!)  Who wants to join us!?!?!?!?!?!

following Jess into the swamp!
the girls post race
we were able to donate our old shoes after the race...super cool!!
we clean up goooooooooood!
PS - STAY TUNED FOR PART 2...when the professional pics come out!!! (hopefully there's one or 20 of the Dashkateers!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Award x2!

I got my first blog award today!!!!  

Many thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers Bebe and Adie for giving me a blog nod!   Hooray my wee baby blog is getting awards!  So this is how it get tagged, you gush about it (hehe), then you list ten things you like and tag ten of your favorite blogs.  AAAAAAAAAND go!

1.  sparkly things - seriously...things that sparkle make me smile
2.  dancing - especially Irish :)
3.  cuppycakes - they have FROSTING
4.  music - tames or eggs on the inner beast ;)  and it's good for dancing 
5.  my house - I've taken a house and made it my home
6.  traveling - especially when it's to Europe to visit my friends!
7.  romance - I'm a sucker for it...I might not have much in my life at the moment, but it still makes me gushy
8.  bad jokes - cause they're so bad they're good
9.  hanging out with my peeps - friends, family, both...I love being with people I love
10.  sports - specifically the Red Sox and whatever team Mike Ross happens to be playing for...cause rugby is cool, and he married one of my best friends. 

and ten bloggies!

1.  Jessica - well nuff said she rawks. 
2.  Julia - she runs with Goliath and is an awesome inspiration.  
3.  Jillian - a beautiful girl who makes beautiful jewelery.
4.  Steph - it's another wee baby blog - sports for girls! 
5.  The Guiltless Glass - calorie friendly cocktails...need I say more!?!
6.  Nikki - recipes, adventures, fun...what more could you ask for?!
8.  Adie - she lives in London and makes me miss that crazy city with her adventures!
9.  Meag - a sassy MRS with an awesome sense of fashion!
10.  Bethany - cause she has a spirit that just won't quit

Happy Tuesday!!!! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedded Bliss!

No not mine, silly!  I'm single and ready to mingle.  My friend Meag married her love Brian this weekend.  They met on a plane...yep on a plane.  *cue on the wings of love ♫    Here are some highlights for your viewing pleasure...

the beautiful couple exchanging rings
pre-drinks at Chilis
the girls at the reception
pass the beef!
mmmmm CAKE!
the final dance
best mailbox EVER!  and yes we pulled over to take a picture. 
all in all it was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.  CONGRATS MEAG AND BRIAN!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's HERE! It's HERE!!!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I have this fantastic friend Jessica and she has this fantastic blog, I luff it (and yes it deserves to be linked twice, it's that awesome).  Well last week she did a BLOG-og-og-og GIVEAWAY-way-way-way (<--echos).  And guess what...I WON!!!  So exciting.  I was jumping around the house...knowing a box of super girly fun randomness was coming in the mail kinda made my month.  

I got home from work today and was greeted with a surprise... 
it's here! it's here!
I love getting packages...that might be why I love online shopping...PACKAGES!!!

Course I ran inside and did not waste ANY time ripping that bad larry open.


oh mah gah I'm in love with this!
GIANT FLOWER...sidenote this can also be worn as a hairthing.  I just died and went to giant flower heaven!

mah loot!!
Check out that's so hardcore that I immediately needed to see if my phone, lip gloss and camera fit!  I totally know what I'm carrying to a wedding next weekend!  

So not only did I rip into that package like a puppy with a brand new toy....I felt the need to spread the love all over the house!

wine stopper...candle accessory...either way, AWESOME!

The magnet is gracing my super old big black fridge, place o honor right in de middle!
All in all an EXCELLENT package!  Thanks Jessticle you RAWK!!