Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week in Photos - June 23 - 30

Just a snapshot of the week...

Andy don't chew your hat!
Purdy new work laptop
Andy Smash! 
Marie is on TV!  check her out!
America St. Johns roasted a big and had a lovely picnic
the boyfriend and I relaxed with a brew

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week in Photos - June 16 - 24

I'm alive!  A bit of a copycat post, but Meag is an excellent blogger so I feel following her lead isn't a bad way to go! 

I don't think so Mummy.
Christmas June.
Daddy to the rescue!
Chipotle face!
Irish eyes are smiling.
Work at home Friday = breakfast salad
romantic night in with the boyfriend and the iPad courtesy of a summer storm power outage

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Hello There

Ohhhhh Monday.  I wish I had a long weekend.  I'll be booking one soon I think.  A little R&R for this busy Bee. It's been fun, but I think I need to sleep and get pampered!

So I have some catching up to do on the Feb photos again.  OOPS!

Something New!  Yum!
Time.  The east coast is just way to far away from Ireland. 

Drink.  Yes we did. 
Something I hate to do...folding laundry.

My handwriting.  Almost St Pats!
A fav picture...good memories.  Awwwww. 
Where I work.  

My shoes!  They live in the spare room.  My grandmother once asked me "how many feet do you have?!?"
inside my medicine cabinet.
Green!  My beautiful green wall hanging.
Something I ate.  Cinnamon ricey poof things with milk chocolate cream cheese.  How odd.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day After Yesterday

Soooo yesterday was our Valen-versary (the boyfriend and I have been a couple for one whole year...woohooo).  And today was the boyfriend's birthday!  He's my old man.  Awwwww.  Basically he's incredibly spoiled in the month of February.  He tells me that his momma was hoping that he'd be a Valentine's Day baby, but alas he came the day after.  He's still a great Valentine even if he wasn't born on the 14th!  

today's word is phone:

they just installed these spiffy new phones at work.  touch screen and all.  it even has fancy ringtones. 

How's your 50% off candy day?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Today's word is heart ...

So here's a picture of the silly stuffed animal the boyfriend received for the holiday (last year he got a monkey)

And I was spoiled with long stem roses... How beautiful!

And since it's the little man's first Valentines day ... A little love from him to everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I owe you several days worth of words of the I'm going to attempt to catch up in one go!

self portrait...

excuse the disheveled mess that I am.  I went to the gym and collapsed on the couch while eating dinner.  Shower is next on my list don't you worry...and apparently I have a lamp growing out of my head...

 makes me happy...lots of things make me are a few of my favorites!
lil man was baptized this weekend

de boy

the ladies!  it's been way too long since we've been together (living outside the "let's grab dinner and hang out" zone stinks.  I love being able to visit, and with this crazy group it's always a blast!)  I'm super stoked to see them at the end of this month!!!
dancing!  and the crazy Irish people that come with it!
spending time with family always makes me happy.  and yes.  all of the above are family.

PS - this weekend was quite the whirlwind from CT to Jersey and back again, but very worth it to be there with the family and be the lil man's godmother!  

BONUS PICTURES:  the baptismal gown lil man is wearing in the picture above was originally worn by my 91 year old grandfather at HIS baptism.  how cool is it that.

lil man enjoying his Great-grandparents!  he wore the cutest white satin suit under the gown!
my Grandpa circa 1920 in the baptismal gown.  isn't he adorable!  we've all been baptized in that gown!
inside my closet...hmmm...

the clothes are in order of what the boyfriend's left at my house (I swear he will have more stuff here than I do soon) and then black, gray, brown, white ROYGBIV.  (and the first comment who can tell me what ROYGBIV stands for gets a prize.  or a virtual prize.  hmm perhaps I should do a giveaway soon.)  and no that basket is not dirty clothes.  those are all the boyfriend's clean clothes.  like I said...he'll have more clothes than me soon!

and *drumroll* today's word of inspiration...BLUE

now I probably should have gotten off of my bottom and taken a picture of the whole big blue couch, but it's terribly comfortable and I had the urge to show off my new slippers as well.  so blue = half of my big blue couch (see the self portrait above for the rest).  I am very proud of this couch.  I bought it years ago when I was in my second apartment.  my hand-me-down futon had finally succumbed to the throws of old age (it was my sisters in college, then lived at my parents house, then lived through two of my apartments before it croaked.  it lived a good, full, long futon life.)  

now as a girl on a budget I knew I needed a couch, but I also knew I wanted one that would last.  so I did some shopping around while I was saving.  I was harassed out of Bob's Furniture by pushy salespeople.  I don't like being followed around a store after I've made it clear that I won't be buying anything.  it was a less than desirable visit.  nothing against the store, but the experience soured me.  so off to Raymour and Flanigan I went.  I'd perused many a website and done some pre-shopping research.  and once I'd tried a few out, consulted with the parent-type people, and had a lengthy conversation with the sales-woman I bought a couch.  and I got a HUGE discount (they just so happened to be having a preferred customer sale the next week, the sales-woman gave me an invitation).  it was awesome.  it was also my FIRST large furniture purchase as an "adult."  the only downfall is that it's so comfortable it makes couch-ass melding something that is hard to avoid.  I know more than one person who likes to fall asleep on this couch!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


No really...shut. the. front. door.  It's COLD outside! 

Today's word is front door.  I opened the door to take a picture, and really just wish it was spring.  I love my front door.  I picked it out, painted it and hung my celtic knot knocker (well dad hung that).  It's quite unique door and stands out in a neighborhood of brown and white doors.  

Happy Thursday Blogland!  What are you looking forward to this weekend?