Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedded Bliss!

No not mine, silly!  I'm single and ready to mingle.  My friend Meag married her love Brian this weekend.  They met on a plane...yep on a plane.  *cue on the wings of love ♫    Here are some highlights for your viewing pleasure...

the beautiful couple exchanging rings
pre-drinks at Chilis
the girls at the reception
pass the beef!
mmmmm CAKE!
the final dance
best mailbox EVER!  and yes we pulled over to take a picture. 
all in all it was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.  CONGRATS MEAG AND BRIAN!!!!


  1. Kate you look fantastic!!!

    Yay Weddings!

  2. You look amazing!!!! I love that they met on a plane! And I also love that mailbox!