Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And You Want to Take My Picture

Anyone else remember that song?  Circa 1999?  Anyone?  


ok, well now that we've established yet another musical moment of madness I'll proceed with sharing some Can't Miss Photos with you!

I spent the Fourth of July celebrating and bumming around with the boyfriend and his peeps.  It was great spending lots of quality time.  We even got to play with sparklers and fireworks on the weekend! 

and this is checking off the Fourth of July celebrations (fireworks large or small) off our Can't Miss List! 

and to knock off two more (cause I'm that good) I was in Ohio this past weekend for my cousin's wedding.  

but before that there was a rehearsal dinner.  
Photo by Old Guy Bee
and there is the "Family Reunion" shot.  Now clearly as I'm in the photo I didn't take it, but since my father did (and I'm giving him the credit) it's close enough.  

and before that there was lots of preparations and good food and family time. 

mmmmm watermelon, fresh and ready to serve!

More adventures are coming soon.  I'm in the middle of a whirlwind few weeks including two weddings and six airports!  Hope you're having a wonderful July blogland!