Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Award x2!

I got my first blog award today!!!!  

Many thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers Bebe and Adie for giving me a blog nod!   Hooray my wee baby blog is getting awards!  So this is how it works...you get tagged, you gush about it (hehe), then you list ten things you like and tag ten of your favorite blogs.  AAAAAAAAAND go!

1.  sparkly things - seriously...things that sparkle make me smile
2.  dancing - especially Irish :)
3.  cuppycakes - they have FROSTING
4.  music - tames or eggs on the inner beast ;)  and it's good for dancing 
5.  my house - I've taken a house and made it my home
6.  traveling - especially when it's to Europe to visit my friends!
7.  romance - I'm a sucker for it...I might not have much in my life at the moment, but it still makes me gushy
8.  bad jokes - cause they're so bad they're good
9.  hanging out with my peeps - friends, family, both...I love being with people I love
10.  sports - specifically the Red Sox and whatever team Mike Ross happens to be playing for...cause rugby is cool, and he married one of my best friends. 

and nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...top ten bloggies!

1.  Jessica - well nuff said she rawks. 
2.  Julia - she runs with Goliath and is an awesome inspiration.  
3.  Jillian - a beautiful girl who makes beautiful jewelery.
4.  Steph - it's another wee baby blog - sports for girls! 
5.  The Guiltless Glass - calorie friendly cocktails...need I say more!?!
6.  Nikki - recipes, adventures, fun...what more could you ask for?!
8.  Adie - she lives in London and makes me miss that crazy city with her adventures!
9.  Meag - a sassy MRS with an awesome sense of fashion!
10.  Bethany - cause she has a spirit that just won't quit

Happy Tuesday!!!! 

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