Tuesday, November 8, 2011


After ten days in darkness only lit intermittently by the generator my power is back on!!! Snowtober put up a mighty fight but in the end... Can't keep a girl down.

Monday, September 19, 2011

With A Little Help from My Friends

So as you've probably noticed I'm having a wee bit of trouble getting all ten photos each month in my challenge.  In looking through the September list I've noticed that the smart thing to do would be to ask for help.  So my lovely interwebz friends send me your can't miss photo ops and I'll post them!  Maybe between us we can get all of them!  Send picture submissions and captions to bumbling.ktbee@gmail.com.  

Here are the September Photos!

Football games
Tailgating parties
Fishing excitement
Family in sweaters
Apple-picking events
Freshly baked cookies
Leaves changing color
Visits with grandparents
Happenings on the first day of school
     • Catching the bus
     • Wearing the first-dayof-school outfit
     • Packing the first lunch
     • Meeting the teacher
     • Stacking the kids’ schoolbooks
     • Seeing or walking into the new classroom
     • Reading the school schedule
     • Buying new backpacks and shoes
Car rides through the canyons or mountains

obligatory photo cause posts are more fun with photos :o)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

*Snaps* for Snaps

Right.  So there once was this girl named Kate.  She saw this list of photos on Pinterest.  She decided to try and get them all.  Then life happened... 

I really am going to try to get them all.  I might just have to skip a few...and such is life.  

To stir your memories here is the list of photos...and what I managed to snap in August (I solemnly swear all of these pictures were taken in August 2011)

Sprinkler fun
snow making machines spraying on the slip n slide at the Warrior Dash count right???  RIGHT???
Corn on the cob
Oh please.  I was too busy EATING to take a picture.  NOM NOM NOM

Summer sunsets
and that ladies and gents is the screen door we installed on the front door.  love the breeze in the living room...and the sunsets!
People on bike rides
Hmmm.  Nope.  Didn't take any pictures of that this month!

Vacations and travels
I road tripped up to Boston for my friend Nicole's big 30 bash.
A pitcher of lemonade
I don't think I had any lemonade in the month of August.  Blasphemy!
NFL preseason parties
Uhh hello.  It's still RED SOX SEASON!  Besides...I like rugby better than American football.
A couple holding hands
Nope.  Saw plenty of them.  Was one of them.  Didn't take any photographic evidence.  
Back-to-school shopping
Uhhhh well the last time I was in school was 2003.  And I don't have kiddies.  So...fail.  

County, town or state fairs
The Big E doesn't start until this Friday.  Wrong month listy challenge, wrong month!  

Ok...so 3 out of 10.  Now I have something to strive for.  Cause it can't get much worse!!

Stay tuned Sept.  You may be half over...but I'm comin for ya!  

So blog-iverse what projects have you fallen behind on lately??

I am Alive. I promise!

I'm going to update the picture project.  I swear.  I will. 

After the power came back on (five days later) I had to dry out the basement.  I'm still going through the process of mourning what was ruined and figuring out what can be kept.  I know that I'm lucky that it was minor flooding and my house didn't wash away like some folks.  It's still a personally depressing experience to know some things you treasured enough to keep (albeit in the basement...which is normally dry) are now destined to mold in a landfill.

see the lovely reflection on the water. 

luckily dad and I had put the spare TV onto the carpet I was saving for the basement.  TV win.  Carpet Fail.

I'd moved the Christmas tree to "high ground" in the basement...not quite high enough.  It's now destined to decorate a landfill. 
Luckily my cousin came over and helped get my ancient generator working...just as the power came back on.  (Isn't that always the way?) 

ewwwww the water saturated the paint (lovely color right?) enough to create water filled pimples in the floor!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bosky Blog is having a Giveaway

Check it out.  My internerd friend Julz and her super cute pup have a blog.  They are having a give-away of epic proportions.  Go there.  And be awesome. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Haz Hurricane

Sorry blogland...I know I've not yet updated the August pics and it's *gasp* September.  I started to and then GOODNIGHT IRENE. 

Day 5 ... still no power. 

The good news is my wonderful, mechanically inclined cousin came over and got my generator working.  So now at least the sump pump is working again.  Yep...there was about two inches of standing water in my basement for 4 days.  Sweet. 

We are aware of an outage affecting your area.
Estimated date and time your power will be restored:   Friday, September 02, 2011 6:00 PM

Soooooo I'll be able to update again sometime after Friday? 

Anyone else sans power?

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Special Kind of Crazy

*drumroll please*

this is a picture heavy post...prepare yourselves!

tux tees = keepin it classy, yet we are here to party, we dragged some more friends along this year
photo credit Katie Rose

We arrived in NY Friday night and checked into the motel.  Last check-in of the day!  (well night, it was about 11:30)  Once we got settled the boyfriend wanted to check out the lounge (there was live entertainment...think Dirty Dancing and you'll have an accurate picture of what this resort looks like).  I was tired so I convinced him that since we were doing the Dash the next day sleep was the better idea. 

Saturday morning we woke up and met up with Colleen and Pat at the motel.  Since they charged for parking this year we carpooled.  We arrived to meet everyone at the mountain at 11.  Our wave wasn't until 1:30.  There was LOADS more people this year than last.  Everyone finally gathered around 12:30 and we had an hour to relax/look around/stretch(?) before lining up and taking off! 

the boys "stretching out"
Warriors Ready! (another Katie Rose photo)

Now as I might have mentioned last year the uphill was BRUTAL.  Yep.  Now I cleverly fooled myself into thinking it wasn't that bad between last year and this.  I'm a LIAR!  That 1.25 miles is quite the effort.  Actually the boyfriend said the uphill was fine...so maybe it's just me.  :op  Next year I will train.  (Next year?  Ya like I said...special kind of crazy.  I am already registered for 2012.) 

The obstacles were different from last year AND this year I brought a waterproof camera.  (It's a disposable so please forgive the quality.)

Barricade Breakdown:  they took the walls from last year and added walls of barbed wire to crawl under.  

Road Rage:  again a variation on last year.  still traipsing through tires, but with wrecked cars to climb over.  

Teetering Traverse:  like balance beams on crack.  or after an earthquake. 
these were a bit slippery!
Deadweight Drifter:  so the swamp from last year.  still awesomely cooling after the trudge up the mountain.  this year with the addition of floating logs to climb over.
the boyfriend showing us how it's done

Cliffhanger:  run through mud puddle.  grab rope.  walk up wall. 

the boyfriend wanted me to stop taking pictures and put a little hustle in it
Deadman's Drop:  this one I actually almost injured myself on.  cause instead of lowering myself onto the 2x4 attached to the bottom of the slanted wall, I slid all the way down.  drop indeed!  (no blood, kept going being that I'm a Warrior and all)
what goes up...
must come down (photo by Diana)
Rubber Ricochet: tires hanging off a frame.  Blast your way through.  The volunteer sitting on the top kept urging people to take other warriors out. 

Cargo Climb:  much like last year.  a little taller though.  while I stopped and took a photo the boyfriend was on the ground trying to coach a terrified warrior on how to make it over (she made it to the top only to be paralyzed with fear clinging to the a frame)
hi Colleen!

Chaotic Crossover:  cargo nets suspended horizontally on a frame.  climb up and cross.  this is where having tiny hands and feet and a great sense of balance came in handy.  it was kinda fun too!

Petritying Plunge:  SLIP N SLIDE!  there were more lanes than last year and it was not quite as long, but still super fun.  (and I had goggles so no contacts popping out!)

Warrior Roast:  I got to jump fire.  Again. SWEET!

Muddy Mayhem:  crawling through a mud pit under barbed wire.  epic mud time.  does it get any better? 

no diving!  belly flops encouraged!

a little dirty, but still a classy bunch (photo Katie Rose)

we earned BIG beers
After counquering the mountain and some really big beers we went cleaned up and had dinner.  After dinner we hit up the lounge at the motel.  KARAOKE NIGHT!  The boyfriend's boss stopped in (he was camping across the road) and sang the night away before Dashing in the morning.  


Warrior Laundry = the ultimate challenge

before...a bit mud colored
after!  victory is mine!
Check out Diana's blog for her Warrior update!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthdays!

It's cake week in the Bee household.  It's Dad and Grandpa's birthday today (mom's dad) and big sister Beth's birthday tomorrow.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CAKE!

Happy birthday familia mine!

me, Beth and dadders.
 I just Skyped dad to wish him a happy old guy day.  Mom's in the background yelling "HE'S OOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD"  oh the grief the poor old man gets ;o)

Gramps circa age 22.  Handsome devil.

This was last year's celebration...the big NINE OHHHHH (and anyone who failed math he's now 91)

Friday, August 12, 2011

August's Photos

Well hello.  I got only half of the ten can't miss photos from last month.  Let's see what's on tap for August??
Sprinkler fun
Corn on the cob
Summer sunsets
People on bike rides
Vacations and travels
A pitcher of lemonade
NFL preseason parties
A couple holding hands
Back-to-school shopping
County, town or state fairs

This month is pretty packed as well.  Should be interesting to try and keep an eye out for those harder to get photos.  And keep your eyes peeled... the Warrior Dashkateers are back in action this weekend! 

Obligatory picture...me n the boyfriend at a white trash/redneck theme party for our friend Brenda's big 30 (or 29 part two). 

Monday, August 8, 2011

*Poof* Where did it go?

Seriously?  Where did July go?  Is it really gone? I was a very busy bee this month.  Very busy.  Not a single weekend did I spend at home.  The excitement! 

I managed to take a bunch of pictures...let's see if I got all ten on the list. 

I covered these in my last post...

Watermelon ready to serve
Fourth of July celebrations
• Firework displays large and small

Three down, seven to go! 
Camping activities

The boyfriend and I went camping with his family.  It was a great weekend!  The weather was super hot (100*+) so we stayed as still as possible.  Unless of course the banana boat song was playing.  Banana boat = blended goodness!  And we snuck onto the beach at night for some pictures! 

Fun in the sun
• Sunbathing

The family went on vacation to a little lake in the Berkshire Mountains.  We caught some rays and relaxed a bit. 

The hammocks were used quite a bit.  I think hammocks are just brilliant ideas.  It's very possible that I might need to introduce a hammock into my yard. 

• Pool time

Missy and Chris got married in Cancun, Mexico.  Which meant a beautiful resort with a fabulous pool.  And a fantastic party.  It was truly a great get-away! 

And the pool is so quiet and serene at 7 in the morning and the sky is so blue. 

Missy and Chris chose a poolside reception.  It was a beautiful ocean side ceremony and the reception did not disappoint. 
Now we are talking Mexico...in July.  Yes, you guessed it, that means...hot.  Well the poolside reception took a natural turn.  (guests + wedded bliss + tequila + pool = POOL PARTY) 

• People boating

Along with spending a lot of quality time in the hammock the family spent a lot of quality time on the lake. 

I took the kayak out for a spin and a giant storm cloud came in.  Mom made us get out of the lake.  Good thing too cause a giant thunderstorm rolled in shortly after. 

The next day dad and I took a spin in the sailboat that was at the house.  It was great fun and look me a minute to get back in the groove.  That was my first time sailing since I was about 14!  Makes me miss being on the water regularly. 

Farm fields (I'm afraid I failed at this one...and I was in OHIO.  WHOOPS!)
A concert in the park (nope, but I'll be going to Shakespeare in the Park later this month!)
Girls playing Hula-hoop (afraid not)
Ice-cream or snow cones (there was lots of ice cream...sadly no pictures of it)
A boy holding a worm, frog or bug (nope...not at all)

sooooooooooooo the score is Kate 5, Photo List 5.  Let's see if I can do better this month. But I did get some bonus points on that last one!  Lots of fun in the sun was had in July!!

How was your July?  Did you do anything picture worthy? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And You Want to Take My Picture

Anyone else remember that song?  Circa 1999?  Anyone?  


ok, well now that we've established yet another musical moment of madness I'll proceed with sharing some Can't Miss Photos with you!

I spent the Fourth of July celebrating and bumming around with the boyfriend and his peeps.  It was great spending lots of quality time.  We even got to play with sparklers and fireworks on the weekend! 

and this is checking off the Fourth of July celebrations (fireworks large or small) off our Can't Miss List! 

and to knock off two more (cause I'm that good) I was in Ohio this past weekend for my cousin's wedding.  

but before that there was a rehearsal dinner.  
Photo by Old Guy Bee
and there is the "Family Reunion" shot.  Now clearly as I'm in the photo I didn't take it, but since my father did (and I'm giving him the credit) it's close enough.  

and before that there was lots of preparations and good food and family time. 

mmmmm watermelon, fresh and ready to serve!

More adventures are coming soon.  I'm in the middle of a whirlwind few weeks including two weddings and six airports!  Hope you're having a wonderful July blogland!