Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warrior - Domestic Goddess...

Yes, that would be me.  You've already seen evidence of my Warrior awesomeness, so prepare yourself to be WOWed by my domestic prowess.  (I kid I kid, but seriously...I do alright.)

The background:  The fams and I are going to a football game at mom and dad's Alma mater this weekend, and we plan on tailgating before the game.  Now the game starts at noon, which means we will be tailgating at 8am.  This of course was mom and dad's call.  Which of course is totally cool, brekkie cocktails and eggs on the gill, yes please.  I of course volunteer my stellar cooking skills to make bread and fruit salad.  

I decided to try a recipe that had been passed to me earlier this month.  Since it's now fall and pumpkin season... Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread.  *drumroll please*
doesn't it look yummo?!?!
I tried a piece and it was quite good.  Hopefully the family enjoys it!  Full tailgating/football escapades to follow!


  1. amazeable!

    I want a piece now.

    Tailgating is the, have fun and drink a brewski for me!

  2. This looks amazing. You should send me the recipe :)