Saturday, February 4, 2012

What A Day

It's Saturday.  The first Saturday of the month.  
That means this morning the boyfriend got up at 5 am and got ready to be an Army man all day.  I got up and made him coffee, got him a granola bar for breakfast and saw him off.  Then promptly went back to bed.  

This Christmas the boyfriend and I said we were going to take my parents out to dinner.  They have been wanting to go on a double date for some time now and we thought this would be an excellent way to make that happen.  When texting my parents this morning about where they want to go for dinner (cause mom just got a texting plan and it's new and novel) I got a call from mom.  She was hit at a stoplight in her brand-new, about 100 miles, week old car.  Boo.  Jerkface.  Momma is ok, just upset that her new car is all smushy. 

Poor New Car
We ended up going for Mexican food.  Yum.  One of my favorites.  

Today's photo direction is a stranger. 

Aren't they cute!?!
Ok so these are my parents.  Not technically strangers...although since I've been able to talk back (I'm a sassy child.  I admit it.) I've been telling dad that his direction for me to not talk to strangers backfired...I've never met anyone stranger than him.  BAHAHAHA.  Oh I'm punny. 

The boyfriend is currently poking me (literally).  He wants me to pay attention to him instead of the bloggy.  So goodnight all!

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  1. It's genetic. . .the strangeness and the sass!

    Also, he looks a lot like his equally strange brother in this picture.