Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Monday

I am a huge believer that weekends are simply not long enough.  Today was a fair day, not too bad, not overly good.  I went to the gym today...back in the swing of things.  Hopefully I can keep up leaving in time to get to Zumba, it's tons of fun!  

Today's word is button.  
I have buttons for causes close to my heart...

I have buttons for my entertainment...

And I have buttons!  One of the things I remember growing up was my mother had a tin of buttons.  There were all sorts of buttons and I loved sorting through and playing with them.  You never know what kind of fun shapes you can find in the button tin.  My grandmother had a tin of buttons too.  Seems to have passed down to me.  I have a tin full of buttons...and a whole lot of teeny tiny plastic bags! 

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