Thursday, September 15, 2011

*Snaps* for Snaps

Right.  So there once was this girl named Kate.  She saw this list of photos on Pinterest.  She decided to try and get them all.  Then life happened... 

I really am going to try to get them all.  I might just have to skip a few...and such is life.  

To stir your memories here is the list of photos...and what I managed to snap in August (I solemnly swear all of these pictures were taken in August 2011)

Sprinkler fun
snow making machines spraying on the slip n slide at the Warrior Dash count right???  RIGHT???
Corn on the cob
Oh please.  I was too busy EATING to take a picture.  NOM NOM NOM

Summer sunsets
and that ladies and gents is the screen door we installed on the front door.  love the breeze in the living room...and the sunsets!
People on bike rides
Hmmm.  Nope.  Didn't take any pictures of that this month!

Vacations and travels
I road tripped up to Boston for my friend Nicole's big 30 bash.
A pitcher of lemonade
I don't think I had any lemonade in the month of August.  Blasphemy!
NFL preseason parties
Uhh hello.  It's still RED SOX SEASON!  Besides...I like rugby better than American football.
A couple holding hands
Nope.  Saw plenty of them.  Was one of them.  Didn't take any photographic evidence.  
Back-to-school shopping
Uhhhh well the last time I was in school was 2003.  And I don't have kiddies.  

County, town or state fairs
The Big E doesn't start until this Friday.  Wrong month listy challenge, wrong month! 3 out of 10.  Now I have something to strive for.  Cause it can't get much worse!!

Stay tuned Sept.  You may be half over...but I'm comin for ya!  

So blog-iverse what projects have you fallen behind on lately??

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