Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am Alive. I promise!

I'm going to update the picture project.  I swear.  I will. 

After the power came back on (five days later) I had to dry out the basement.  I'm still going through the process of mourning what was ruined and figuring out what can be kept.  I know that I'm lucky that it was minor flooding and my house didn't wash away like some folks.  It's still a personally depressing experience to know some things you treasured enough to keep (albeit in the basement...which is normally dry) are now destined to mold in a landfill.

see the lovely reflection on the water. 

luckily dad and I had put the spare TV onto the carpet I was saving for the basement.  TV win.  Carpet Fail.

I'd moved the Christmas tree to "high ground" in the basement...not quite high enough.  It's now destined to decorate a landfill. 
Luckily my cousin came over and helped get my ancient generator working...just as the power came back on.  (Isn't that always the way?) 

ewwwww the water saturated the paint (lovely color right?) enough to create water filled pimples in the floor!

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