Monday, August 8, 2011

*Poof* Where did it go?

Seriously?  Where did July go?  Is it really gone? I was a very busy bee this month.  Very busy.  Not a single weekend did I spend at home.  The excitement! 

I managed to take a bunch of pictures...let's see if I got all ten on the list. 

I covered these in my last post...

Watermelon ready to serve
Fourth of July celebrations
• Firework displays large and small

Three down, seven to go! 
Camping activities

The boyfriend and I went camping with his family.  It was a great weekend!  The weather was super hot (100*+) so we stayed as still as possible.  Unless of course the banana boat song was playing.  Banana boat = blended goodness!  And we snuck onto the beach at night for some pictures! 

Fun in the sun
• Sunbathing

The family went on vacation to a little lake in the Berkshire Mountains.  We caught some rays and relaxed a bit. 

The hammocks were used quite a bit.  I think hammocks are just brilliant ideas.  It's very possible that I might need to introduce a hammock into my yard. 

• Pool time

Missy and Chris got married in Cancun, Mexico.  Which meant a beautiful resort with a fabulous pool.  And a fantastic party.  It was truly a great get-away! 

And the pool is so quiet and serene at 7 in the morning and the sky is so blue. 

Missy and Chris chose a poolside reception.  It was a beautiful ocean side ceremony and the reception did not disappoint. 
Now we are talking July.  Yes, you guessed it, that  Well the poolside reception took a natural turn.  (guests + wedded bliss + tequila + pool = POOL PARTY) 

• People boating

Along with spending a lot of quality time in the hammock the family spent a lot of quality time on the lake. 

I took the kayak out for a spin and a giant storm cloud came in.  Mom made us get out of the lake.  Good thing too cause a giant thunderstorm rolled in shortly after. 

The next day dad and I took a spin in the sailboat that was at the house.  It was great fun and look me a minute to get back in the groove.  That was my first time sailing since I was about 14!  Makes me miss being on the water regularly. 

Farm fields (I'm afraid I failed at this one...and I was in OHIO.  WHOOPS!)
A concert in the park (nope, but I'll be going to Shakespeare in the Park later this month!)
Girls playing Hula-hoop (afraid not)
Ice-cream or snow cones (there was lots of ice cream...sadly no pictures of it)
A boy holding a worm, frog or bug (nope...not at all)

sooooooooooooo the score is Kate 5, Photo List 5.  Let's see if I can do better this month. But I did get some bonus points on that last one!  Lots of fun in the sun was had in July!!

How was your July?  Did you do anything picture worthy? 

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