Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boyfriend Blog

Well hello there blog-land.  I know you have awaited this blog with breath that is bated.  I know the man himself has wondered (aloud, to me) when he will get his own entry on my bumbling blog. 

The wait is over.  It is now time for the *drumroll* boyfriend blog (og og og).  

How we met:
Well that's a story you partially heard already.  There was this wedding.  I am a friend of the bride, he is a friend of the groom.  This was almost the introduction that never happened.  Thanks to Jessica's perseverance a save the date for this happy day made it's way to Afghanistan.  Now why on earth would she send a save the date THERE you ask?  Well himself was deployed with the Army National Guard for a year in Afghanistan, set to return the week of the wedding...if all went as planned.  Luckily there were no delays and he made it home safely and in time!  We were seated at the same table and chatted away during cocktail hour and dinner and then proceeded to dance the night away.   
the night we met!  (November 27)
That Just Happened:
So um ya, we met.  Less than 24 hours later himself was on a plane to Japan...for three weeks.  And then he came home, and then Christmas happened...apparently he really likes arriving JUST as a big holiday happens.  Good to know.  I texted about half the world to wish them a Happy Christmas and since we'd traded numbers at the wedding he happened to be in that half. (I wasn't sure I'd hear from him, glad I did.)  He returned my Christmas wishes and the rest is becoming history. 

We went on a date.  Now believe me this is easier said than done.  We live approximately one hour away from each other.  Easy plan a date somewhere in the middle right?  Harder when neither of us are familiar with the middle area.  Japanese restaurant and pub.  Done.  We ended up talking until midnight.  That made for a sleepy next day at work!  

We continued spending time together.  Good times were had by all. 
Out to dinner with the Masons, Feb 5th
Will you be my Valentine?
Himself had some plans for Valentine's Day.  I'm going to stop right here and say I was COMPLETELY. SPOILED. this Valentine's Day (eagerly awaiting next year :op).  Sunday, the day before St Valentine's Day I get a message asking if I'm at home.  Indeed I am.  The follow up says don't go anywhere and don't fall asleep (apparently he knows me, I was totally already curled up and contemplating a nap on the couch).  Roughly an hour later I hear his jeep in the driveway.  I go to the door and he's in the driveway, in uniform, holding a chocolate rose, a bottle of wine and ... wait for it ... An Officer and A Gentleman.  *swoon*  We drank some wine and watched the movie.  A lovely pre-Valentines date.  And let's face it, I was not expecting much else since this was so well planned and executed! 

Well it snowed this winter.  A lot.  A LOT.  So much so that I worked at home at least one day a week because it was safer not to leave the house.  Well he made me promise to go to work on Valentine's Day.  It was a hint of something else yet to come.  So I spent the day in antici.........pation.  Well in the afternoon I get a phone call.  I have a delivery!  Flowers and a teddy.  Spoiled.  But wait...there's more.  Turns out that at the VERY end of the day one of the guys from the mail room made a special trip upstairs because I had a package waiting.  Chocolate!  
It was official I was having a record-setting Valentine's Day.  Himself asked if I was having a good Valentines to which I said FANTASTIC.  I asked how his was going (I got him stuff don't worry, but his birthday is the day after so there was more to come for him) and he said alright...alright?!?!?!  I asked what I could do to make his day better, and he asked me if we could make our relationship official.  Such a goober.  Such an adorable goober though. 

oh hey we're a couple:
That week was his 30th birthday.  We went to Brooklyn with his best friend and were tourists on the bridge, ate delish pizza, he got a job and we celebrated with cocktails and Egyptian food.  Yum! 

awwww we are so cute *vom* I know :o)
and then I lied:
So remember me mentioning that it was his birthday.  His family and friends planned this massive surprise birthday party.  I'd never met them before, but they asked me to help (I felt so importantish).  I was the "bait".  Himself is a Mason and the party was being held at the Knights of Columbus.  Now apparently the two go together like oil and water.  The ploy was that I was doing an Irish dance show there (it's only going to take a half an hour I SWEAR) and we were going to head to dinner after.  It was hard not telling, and I almost slipped up a couple times...but in the end SUCCESS!  He was surprised and I met a bunch of his family and friends, and they are awesome people.  A good time was had by all!  (and he forgave me for lying to him hehe)

I made a Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey's frosting.  YUM!
So maybe I'm not the only one who is a little spoiled ;o) 

I'll stop gushing I'm sure you've all thrown up in your mouths a little at some point in this post...and if you haven't just let me know.  I have more adorable stories, and there are many more to come I'm sure.  I suppose the moral of the story is I'm a fan and I think I'll keep him around for a while.  :o)


  1. Hell yea! I didn't vom at all! I was clapping/scrolling/smiling/cheering reading the entire thing!

    You two are adorable! He is dreamy! I feel like the moons collided in Kate-land! So gushy mushy happy for you!