Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh hey I have a blog...


anyone still out there?  so hey, I turned 30 and dropped off the face of the blog-world.   many apologies.

It's been quite the spring so far...and tomorrow is the beginning of summer *phew* where has the spring gone????  (prepare yourself for the longest update evaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

it started with us walking for a cure to MS
One Small Step for Mom
then some shenanigans with the boyfriend's fraternity

it was their annual alumni softball game.  they all had fun.  (can you tell?)
do these pics really need captions...I feel that "shenanigans" kinda covers it :op
then there was a bachelorette party

then I turned 30!  (but you've already heard about that)

then Meg turned 30!

then there was a recital 

yep.  dancin Irish style again.
then Lauren and Jose got married

the ladies!

then the Irish invaded Cape Cod
Kevin loves the beach

since it's the rugby world cup this year there is a nice long break between the end of the season and the beginning of training camp.  luckily that means the whole family gets to visit the States.  they rented a lovely house on the Cape for a week and I drove out there to visit and meet my little Irish nephew!

proud Dad and Mum
sunset walks on the beach...awwwwww

and since the boyfriend is kinda awesome he drove out too.  he spent the week with the National Guard then road-tripped to the Cape for a walk on the beach. 

then the Irish invaded a local pub
since Kimmi and Mike are visiting from Ireland and so many people love them (and wanted to meet wee Kevin) it made a lot of sense to gather everyone in one place for an evening.  the owner of the pub was so very happy we chose his establishment...the Irish are good for business haha.

then Jenny and Frank got married

the boyfriend and I roadtripped to Buffalo, NY for my cousin Jenny's wedding.  8 hours in a car there and back and we still like each other.  :o)  we arrived at 5 am on Saturday, slept about six hours, got showered and changed and went to the wedding. 
cocktails and cousins!
he's so suave my man

soooooooooooooo that's kinda what I've been up to...not a lot goin on right?  what were you up to this spring?  any big plans for summer???  (I have lots of plans, and I will update more often!!!)

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