Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Sweet Construction Zone

Two years ago TODAY I did something wild.  Something crazy.  Something absolutely adult and responsible (wait what?).  Ya that's right folks...I bought a house.  In the past two years my family and friends have very generously has helped with many many projects on this little fixer upper...I'm going to let the pictures tell the story. (keeping in mind that there was NO wallpaper in the was all paint)

 really who cements rocks (yes actual rocks) onto a bathroom wall???

dining room...
new dining chairs are on the "to purchase" list...the table was originally my great grandmothers
living room...
loved the wood stove but sadly it was not up to now lives in the shed
yes that IS Criminal Minds on my TV
I'm gonna go ahead and remind you that this is all hand-painted. 


the paint cans are the primer for the breezeway...ever ongoing projects!

oh ya we had to rebuild walls on the garage and the breezeway because they were rotting...

yep even my 90 year old gramps lends a hand!

Mike the Realtor...yes even the doors are painted

ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nothing like Little Marks and a pitcher of beer after a hard day's work!
and not to mention the repainting of the hallways, bedrooms, ripping up green shag carpet on the upstairs landing and orange shag carpet out of the basement, finding bees nests underneath the floor of the former closet in the breezeway, rotting garage doors, complete window replacement, and so much more still to do!!!


  1. I am in awe of your amazingness. Plus, you have quite the awesome crew of volunteers! You're one lucky gal. :)

  2. I got exhausted looking at the photos.